About Libby K. Humphries

Libby Humphries in front of bridge in Fredericksburg, Virginia

From 2018-2021, Libby served as a deputy commonwealth’s attorney on the leadership team for Fredericksburg’s prosecutor office. In that role, Libby lead prosecution teams dedicated to domestic violence and child abuse prosecutions and felony probation violation cases. She was also the senior prosecutor on the office’s teams for the local drug treatment court. Libby has served as a prosecutor for over 21 years. She has successfully prosecuted multiple homicide and sexual assault cases and many jury trials.

Elizabeth K. “Libby” Humphries currently serves as the appointed commonwealth’s attorney for the City of Fredericksburg. She has held this position since August 2021 when The Honorable La Bravia J. Jenkins, the elected prosecutor, retired. Libby is the only candidate running for Fredericksburg Commonwealth’s Attorney in the election scheduled on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Libby has earned a reputation as a fair but effective prosecutor in the local justice system.

Throughout her career, Libby has extensive experience working with leadership teams and stakeholder groups at both the state and local level to ensure equal justice, fairness, and best practices for children involved in the legal system.

Libby has practiced law in public service for 25 years. She began her public service career at the Fredericksburg Public Defender Office where she served as the office’s senior defense attorney for minors charged with crimes in Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties. She then worked as a prosecutor at the Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney Office from 1999-2018.

Libby has served on workgroups to increase evidence-based practices, improve local services to address truancy without court referrals, and increase trauma-informed approaches for working with child crime victims and court-involved youth. She has also served on workgroups to reduce racial disparities in Charlottesville’s juvenile justice system (while working as a prosecutor in Charlottesville) and to set up better case docketing practices (while working as a public defender in Spotsylvania County).

Libby received her license to practice law in Virginia in 1995. She earned her law degree from the University of Virginia and her undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College.

Since 2019, Libby has served on the board for Legal Aid Works, a regional public service law firm that provides civil legal services to low-income individuals in Fredericksburg and 16 other localities. In 2021, Libby joined the Executive Committee of the Fredericksburg NAACP as the chair of the local branch’s Education Committee. In that role, Libby also serves on the Fredericksburg City Public Schools Equity Taskforce.

Libby and her husband Thad live in Fredericksburg’s Darbytown neighborhood and attend St. George’s Episcopal Church. Libby is the daughter of two retired public school teachers. Her late maternal grandfather was an attorney. Thad and several family members are veterans of the US Armed Forces