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Meet Libby Humphries

I am running for Fredericksburg Commonwealth’s Attorney because our community needs to build on the strengths of our current local justice system and create bridges to more calibrated and responsive new paths in 2021. I have deep experience as a court-room attorney in public service and in community-facing approaches to prosecution.

Justice and Public Safety are the central and connected goals of criminal prosecutions. Public Safety and Good Order collapse when infected by injustice and unfairness. Justice and Community Well-being crumble from lawlessness. Our community needs both Justice and Public Safety to thrive. It is dangerous and costly to our community for anyone to pretend that either goal is more important than the other. Justice and Public Safety can never exist without the Rule of Law.

Prosecutors must uphold the law, seek just outcomes for each case, and maintain independent judgment. To this end, I will build community partnerships to increase the richness of Fredericksburg’s solutions for Justice and Public Safety. I will decrease the rate of permanent felony convictions for nonviolent crime when other solutions can ensure real accountability and public safety with better outcomes for the community.

Libby's Prosecution Priorities

  • Community-Facing Prosecution
  • Focus staffing and resources on violent crime cases
  • Victim Rights
  • Emphasize rehabilitation for young and nonviolent offenders
  • Build more sentencing alternatives to address mental health and substance abuse factors in crimes.
  • Protect public safety and a thriving, vibrant Fredericksburg community
  • Procedural fairness and transparency